Leftist Protesters Block DeVos from Entering D.C. School

Betsy DeVos' job isn't getting any easier now that she's been confirmed as Secretary of Education. Her confirmation may have been the most narrow in history, but her biggest hurdles may still be in front of her. This week, she couldn't even get into one of the school's she's been tapped to lead.

Newly confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was physically blocked from entering a school in Washington, D.C. on Friday by protesters.

Anti-DeVos demonstrators climbed the stairs of the back of the Jefferson Middle School Academy building in southwest D.C. and began to scream and hover around the secretary. DeVos' security team quickly moved in and escorted her back to her car.

ABC 7 reporter Sam Sweeney, who tweeted video of the incident, said it was unclear if DeVos tried to use another door.

Protesters can be heard in the video screaming that DeVos gave money to senators so that she could buy her position to head the Department of Education.

DeVos remained unfazed by the protesters while two other reporters tried to get a comment from her.

The left's obsession with obstruction now threatens more than their political future. They're putting kids' education on the line — all to gain favor among the nation's powerful teacher's unions. It's the latest way the left have managed to undermine at-risk citizens to better their political standing.

Source: Free Beacon



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