Leftist Group Threatens Anti-migrant Groups with Violence


“Things can go broken, tractors can spontaneously combust – it would be a shame. Well, some of our other options would unsettle the population.”

“If you scare one more refugee, there will be consequences for you. We’re watching you. Another attack on a refugee, a firecracker outside the property – and your village will be in ruins. We will drive up the price of your inhumanity as high as possible.”

“Your hatred and your agitation will not remain unchallenged. We will not stand by the sidelines as you live out your authoritarian character. You live in a world in which ‘Being German’ is worth more than being human. We will not tolerate that.”

It is an amazing turn when Germans are told that they are being “too German” and they should accept roving bands of molesting migrants becasue it strokes the ego of European politicians to carry President Barrack Obama’s water. I suggest they take a look at the 2016 race and re-think that their efforts will be repaid.

With the left becoming so eager to threaten violence, they must be feeling desperate that the narrative of peaceful migrants is falling apart.

Source: Infowars




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