At Least 46 Killed and Several Others Taken Hostage in Taliban Siege


As reported by Fox News, “At least 46 people were killed and several others taken hostage Wednesday in a Taliban siege on an Afghanistan airport that houses NATO facilities.

Taliban fighters started attacking the heavily fortified Kandahar Air Field in the southern Afghanistan city Tuesday evening, but by Wednesday night, the assault had been largely contained, a senior defense official told Fox News.

The site contains a civilian airport and a large military base that houses thousands of NATO troops, civilian contractors and Afghan military forces. The Taliban were met with heavy resistance at the base, but no U.S. personnel have been involved in the fighting, the official said.

There was never any consideration that the Taliban assault would take over the airfield. The intention was not to take it over but rather to send the message that it was not secure. The strategic objective of the fourteen-member Taliban assault force was to demonstrate that here, even in the winter months, the Taliban is still relevant and viable. They still retain the capability, capacity and will to conduct terrorist operations against government facilities and transportation infrastructure.

Source: Allen B West

Mr. West is correct in describing the intentions of the Taliban here. The attack serves as a reminder that the world is not simply faced with threats from ISIS, but from old enemies like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and that these foes are bold enough to continue their attacks year round.

Until a new and capable President can be put into office, don’t expect Obama to do anything about it.



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