Leaked Voicemails Reveal “unseemly dealmaking” DNC Employs for “high-dollar donations”

Leaked Voicemails Reveal “unseemly dealmaking” DNC Employs for “high-dollar donations”

Obama promised back in 2008 that he would “enact sweeping reforms to dramatically increase transparency and accountability in government to make it responsive and accountable to the American people”, ironically, the recently released hacked emails and voice mail recordings of the DNC, has done just that, created a transparency that has the DNC running for cover.

There has been special treatment given for big DNC donors, “big money and the access it buys”, reported George Stephanopoulos on ABC.  The DNC hack has given the clear view into the money making the machine of the DNC and the Clintons.  There has been “unseemly dealmaking” involving the recruitment of “high-dollar donations” for the campaigns as well as the way in which access to Obama and other high officials is approved or denied by the fundraising officials at the DNC.

Cyber-security experts say that there have been more than 19,000 emails stolen Russian state-sponsored hacker.  These have been published by WikiLeaks, resulting in donor data and transactions being made public to anyone interested.

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