Leaked Memo: Dozens of State Officials Warned of Potential Afghanistan Collapse

President Biden has claimed the unmitigated disaster in Afghanistan happened because his administration had no idea the Afghanistan military would desert their posts, allowing the Taliban to take over the country in short order.

Aside from the fact that nobody in their right mind would let the fate of thousands of American lives and billions in American weaponry rest on what any foreign entity might or might not do, it’s now come to light that Biden was well informed of the potential for Afghanistan to collapse and that a Taliban advance was ‘imminent.’

According to the Wall Street Journal, twenty-three State Department officials at the US embassy in Kabul sounded the alarm that trying to meet the August 31st deadline could meet with disastrous consequences.

It begs the question if Biden knew this was likely, why would he do it? Why take such unnecessary risk where the downside is catastrophic? Can we really chalk it all up to complete incompetence or did his ‘handlers’ have him take this action as a means to an end?

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