Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Efforts to Destabilize Venezuela

Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Efforts to Destabilize Venezuela

The people of Venezuela are on the verge of total starvation, and there are those who point to Hillary Clinton as one of the culprits for the dire situation.
The cause is not as clear cut as one might think. Hugo Chavez, the socialist president of Venezuela from 1999 until he died in 2013, was a virulent enemy of the United States. He also destroyed the nation’s economy by implementing sweeping socialist policies which had the effect of driving foreign investment and business out of the country, and eliminating national business and production.
Chavez was only able to maintain the economy through oil exports, which sustained Venezuela until 2014 when oil production in the U.S., driven by the fracking revolution, drove the price of oil down to less than half of what it was when Chavez was alive. Now the shelves are bare and the farms abandoned, so people are frantic, with many crossing the border to Columbia to find basic necessities.
New emails leaked by Wikileaks show the heavy-handed and aggressive nature of how Clinton dealt with Chavez and Venezuela, which caused a deeper rift and more animosity towards the U.S. by an already prickly Hugo Chavez.
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