Leaked Audio: Hillary Clinton Says Supreme Court Is ‘Wrong’ on Second Amendment

Leaked Audio: Hillary Clinton Says Supreme Court Is ‘Wrong’ on Second Amendment

Liberal Democrats are not interested in what the citizens of the United States clearly state for their preferences, because elite Lefties think they are smarter, wiser, and know what the people need, in spite of what the public states are their desires. It is elitism run amok, and as often as not, Libs think that what is good for me and you is not what is good for the elites. Liberals comprise a very small percentage of the public, perhaps 15% when a public opinion survey is conducted that polls beliefs that align with liberal orthodoxy without labeling it as such. And just to be sure, Democrats disguise who they are by changing their ideological name, so liberal has become “progressive,” and who would not want to be “progressive” when it is used in its traditional interpretation?

When it comes down to it, elites such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are determined to ram their beliefs and systems down the throats of main street America, no matter what the public prefers. Of course the elites will not have to abide by the rules they insist all other Americans subscribe to because they are “special” and so the same standards to not apply. A good case in point is the concern about the environment, where American citizens are asked (and forced) to reduce their carbon footprint, all while the green elites spew hundreds of tons of CO2 flying around the world in private jets and riding in stretch limousines.

And then there is the question of self-defense. The government has a mandated requirement of providing for the welfare and common defense of the people. They have done a miserable job of it, with inner city violence and home break-ins at epidemic levels. Because the government has done such a terrible job, the citizens are taking matters into their own hands, and the purchase of fire-arms are also at record levels. And that alarms people like Hillary Clinton, so she is anxious to do something about it.

Clinton looks to override Supreme Court

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