Leak: Hillary Considers Email About Drug Used to Combat ‘Decision Fatigue’

Wikileaks has released emails that purport to show Hillary sharing notes with confidants about the prescription drug, Provigil, and its usefulness in treating her “decision fatigue.”

Can you imagine a president who has to be drugged to be able to make decisions?  In the most important decision-making office in the world? Where the fate of millions might hang on the decisions she makes or is unable to make?

Unfortunately, we can imagine just such a president – Hillary Clinton.  And instead of being an imagination, it's a nightmare scenario we must avoid.

Clinton-looked-at-drug-after-suffering-from-_decision-fatigue wikileaks

WikiLeaks--Hillary-Looked-At-Drug-After-Suffering-From-_Decision-Fatigue email 2

Source: Conservative Outfitters



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