Lawmakers Guarantee Child Marriage to Continue in Kentucky

Lawmakers Guarantee Child Marriage to Continue in Kentucky

A society that abandons its children or otherwise leaves them vulnerable to abuse can hardly call itself civilized. In fact, the argument can be made that it does not even deserve to continue to exist.

Children are, by definition, innocents. Even the law recognizes that crimes committed by children must be dealt with differently from the same offenses committed by adults. And crimes committed against children are rightly treated more seriously than those committed against another adult.

This is the way the world is supposed to work. It's not difficult to figure out. Children are learning, and are to be protected and nurtured as they grow. Certainly, a sixteen-year-old would be treated differently from a grade-schooler and need less protection. Nevertheless, the point has been made. Children are a precious gift. And they are our society's future.

The state government of Kentucky doesn't have this figured out. At least not entirely. Two attempts to amend a disgusting law have failed. More on what's going on in that state and elsewhere on page two.

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