Lawmakers Detail What Trump is Like ‘Behind the Scenes’

Lawmakers Detail What Trump is Like ‘Behind the Scenes’

Everybody hates Donald Trump . . . or that's what the media would have you believe. Behind the scenes however, it's a very different story. The media portrays Donald Trump like a Hollywood villain bent on the destruction of the modern world. Ironically, it's often people who are portrayed as villains in movies that are actually really nice people in real life. According to Ted Cruz, his recent visit with Donald Trump and the first lady was “warm and gracious.” If you'll recall, they weren't exactly the best of friends during the elections, but if they could soothe things over enough for Trump to take a picture with Cruz's daughter and her Kindergarten's stuffed giraffe, perhaps there's some humility there after all.

The stories don't stop there, according to various sources, Trump actually compliments the people who visit him. It's not just an act, it's genuine. As Republican vote counters introduced themselves last week, Trump had something good to say about all of them, and they appreciated his openness and spontaneity.

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