How Law Enforcement’s Invasive App Determines ‘Threat Level’ of Citizens

How Law Enforcement’s Invasive App Determines ‘Threat Level’ of Citizens

If you still need proof that our government has abandoned the principles of the Founding Fathers in favor of the ones of the totalitarian dictatorship in 1984, look no further.

Police departments across the country have adopted a very disturbing threat assessment system. Although most would assume that police make the decision to pull over or otherwise stop normally law-abiding only after seeing them engage in possibly or blatantly illegal behavior, the new system enables them to make the decision using a much lower threshold.

You see, law enforcement agencies have bought copies of something called Beware en masse. Beware is a mobile application developed by Intrado and released to the market in 2012. That market being the law enforcement market, of course.

Just by scanning drivers' license plates, officers are able to cross-reference it with other information about the driver. After pouring over even the most obscure Facebook comment and the most eBay purchase, Beware offers an assessment of the driver's threat level.

Yes, if you say the wrong thing just one time on social media, you could find yourself getting a “red” rating on the application even if you've never actually committed a crime in your life.

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