Law Enforcement Imposes Blockade to Starve Out Standing Rock Protestors

Fed up with the demonstrators and their refusal to leave the grounds where the pipe is to be built, North Dakota authorities have directed police to blockade the area. The idea is to starve the protestors out by halting the steady supply of food and supplies that they receive from supporters. Although only fines are being threatened at this moment, this could easily turn into a situation not unlike Waco or Ruby Ridge:

“State officials said on Tuesday they would fine anyone bringing prohibited items into the main protest camp following Governor Jack Dalrymple's “emergency evacuation” order on Monday. Earlier, officials had warned of a physical blockade, but the governor's office backed away from that.

Law enforcement would take a more “passive role” than enforcing a blockade, said Maxine Herr, a spokeswoman for the Morton County Sheriff's Department.

“The governor is more interested in public safety than setting up a road block and turning people away,” Herr said by telephone.

Officers will stop vehicles they believe are headed to the camp and inform drivers they are committing an infraction and could be fined $1,000.

These penalties should serve as a hindrance, according to Cecily Fong, a spokeswoman for the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.

“So that effectively is going to block that stuff (supplies), but there is not going to be a hard road block,” Fong said by telephone.

A spokeswoman from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe was not immediately available for comment.

North Dakota Governor-elect Doug Burgum, a Republican, declined to comment.”




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