Lady Gaga Inadvertently Makes Powerful Argument for Trump’s Transgender Ban

Lady Gaga Inadvertently Makes Powerful Argument for Trump’s Transgender Ban

There's not a lot that can be said about the level of common sense among Hollywood types; actresses, singers, sports figures and, most especially, fake news anchors.  It seems that, on any given day, even our elected officials can be heard making asinine statements about lifestyle, culture, or (most dreaded) politics.  Does anyone for a moment actually believe that someone like Maxine Waters, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, or Luis Gutierrez actually contribute anything to our Congress aside from numb stupidity and race-baiting?

For their part, actors are awesome to watch in the movies and on television, but it's the moment they're off stage or the set and they open up their mouths about anything political and we're back to hating them and their Leftist ideology.

It's pretty much the same for comedians.  Washed-up idiots like Jim Carrey (who was funny for about a minute-and-a-half) and Kathy Griffin (who was funny when she was…well…okay, she was never really funny), these are the types of people who make us long for Eddie Murphy, Tim Allen, Rita Rudner, Brian Regan, and Richard Pryor…you know?  Real comedians.

Singers are a mixed group, though.  Some are all right in their views.  They sort of take an “I-don't-like-to-talk-politics” attitude.  Then there are others who at so talented that you kind of look right through their sparse views, like Sheryl Crow.  Then, there are the morons:  the singers who just can't disseminate their work from Leftist activism or Socialism.  When it comes to those, it's genuinely hard to like them when they're spouting LBGTQ this, and income inequality that, and Trump is a f**king a**hole and Bush is a war criminal!  And that's just on NPR!

Trump has taken a very robust stance against transgenderism in the military and after talking with his generals and military officials, laid it out plainly:  No more transgenders in the military and the American taxpayer will not be paying for their sex-reassignment surgeries.  Singer Lady Gaga has reacted to the news in typical fashion…by toeing the Regressive line, of course.  Little did she realize that her argument in defense of transgenders was actually the most powerful argument against their enlistment yet!

Read on to the next page for her remarks that are incredibly helpful to the Conservative movment!

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