LA Times: Mixed Race Shooter had White Supremacist Leanings

Quoting an alleged anonymous source in law enforcement, (yes, they are always anonymous, aren’t they?) the paper wrote, “A federal law enforcement source familiar with the investigation said, though, that authorities had obtained some of Harper-Mercer’s writings, as well as a note he left behind, suggesting that he supported white-supremacist causes and opposed organized religion. He also liked to discuss military history, the official said.”

Well, so much for anonymous sources, eh? Even a cursory check would have shown that the man was mixed race and his mother was black. Goodbye KKK membership.

Regarding the race of the shooter and his motivations, the Daily Beast, an ultra-liberal paper reported that the shooter admired the black Roanoke shooter who expressed racial motivations for his actions. They also wrote, “The father is Caucasian, Evans said, while Mercer’s mother, Laurel Harper, is black.”

The evidence is that the Times purposefully misled and misrepresented in order to meet their racist agenda.

Source: Breitbart

The absurdity and apparent lack of an actual knowledgeable source in the LA Times article was first pointed out by Daniel Greenfield in FrontPage Magazine. He wrote:

According to the LA Times, Chris Harper Mercer, the Oregon killer, was a “White Supremacist”.

One slight problem. Mercer identified as multi-racial. His mother was black. He doesn’t seem to have even known his father. He identified with black TV killer Vester Lee Flanagan.

Though it is possible that someone resembling the Dave Chappelle character Clayton Bigsby, who was a blind black white supremacist, did exist, we can all agree that it is unlikely.

The Times did not make a mistake. They were misleading the public on purpose to fit their race agenda.




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