LA Schools Closed Due To Terror Threat, Possible Hoax

LAUSD Bomb Threat Judged a Viable Threat

On Tuesday morning, a school board member received a threat from a person who declared himself to be a radical Islamist. The author claimed to have joined with other local jihadists and said they had access to nerve gas. The threat against local schools was apparently made through an IP address in Germany, and although California representative Brad Sherman said that at least some of the details of the threat lacked authenticity, officials decided to err on the side of caution and asked all students attending LAUSD to return home for the day.

The announcement came in the middle of the morning commute, at about 7:00 a.m., as many area children were boarding buses or already walking to school.

Parents who had already dropped their children off were asked to return and to fetch their children at approved locations.

School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines said the threat, which involved backpacks and other packages was aimed “to not one school, but to many schools in this school district.”

Cortines stated he wanted all schools searched by the end of the day on Tuesday so the students could attend school on Wednesday, according to USA Today.

Over 640,000 students are enrolled in the Los Angeles Unified School District’s over 900 schools and 187 public charter schools; the district is the second largest in the country.

The LAPD told members of the media that the police had received a threat “that mentions the safety of our schools.” The threat is “still being analyzed,” but was made directly to the LAUSD, and not to other school districts, police said.

Jorge Villegas of the LAPD said that the FBI had joined local law enforcement authorities to examine if the threat had “validity,” adding, “Nothing is more important than the safety of our kids.”

Cortines acknowledged that the district receives threats “all the time.”

Cortines added: “This is a rare threat, we get threats all the time….What we are doing today is no different to what we normally do, but we are doing it on a mass scale.”

In many respects this is exactly what the terrorists want, to disrupt and to cause panic or at least confusion to the citizens in the target country, and even if they do not kill or maim, they have succeeded in some measure. And given the dire consequences, it would be irrational to ignore the threat, even if only one in ten warnings are actually carried out.

The solution is to seek these evil murderers wherever they are and to destroy them. Recently Donald Trump called for a cessation of Islamic immigration while the immigration department tightens up its procedures, which caused a firestorm of accusations saying that Trump was a xenophobe and a religious bigot. Consider, however, the threat that was received to today. The message said there were 32 confederates who had joined with the person sending the message, and the quick response was entirely proper given the almost certainty that there are Islamic terrorist sleeper cells in the U.S. The only way that we will be able to prevent uproars like the one at LAUSD today is for the U.S. and its strategic partners to go to the home of these evil ones and root them out and kill them.

That includes the imams and political and religious leaders fomenting this type of terrorism throughout the world. There will certainly be collateral damage as these bloodthirsty hounds hide among the innocent civilians in their own countries. But if we plan on ever returning to a normal standard of secure living, these irrational, fanatical Muslim terrorists must be discovered and sent to paradise, hopefully in very tiny pieces. They have declared war on the U.S. and the West, it is only polite that we accept and return that declaration and stop pretending that the problem will go away if we treat them nicely. They should die and be dispatched as soon as reasonably possible.


Update: Fox News reports that a member of the House Intelligence Committee says the threat has been determined to be a hoax.



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