LA Council: All Handguns In Your Home Must Be Locked Or Disabled

The LA city council has mandated that all handguns are to be either locked or disabled while at home.

The measure was pushed by Councilman Paul Krekorian–the same council member who recently pushed through an ordinance requiring all ammunition magazines with greater-than-10-round capacity to be surrendered to the police or otherwise disposed.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Krekorian used preschoolers to frame his argument for locking up guns. He said, “It’s unacceptable to live in a country where it’s more dangerous to be a preschooler than to be a police officer — and we can do something about that today.”

Gun rights groups have already made it known that they will be suing the city if the gun lock requirement is put in place. But Councilman Mitch Englander stood with Krekorian and said, “This is less about gun control and simply more about controlling your gun. It’s really that simple.”

Source: Breitbart

Did you read that? The state just wants to control your gun for you, that's all. Maybe they'll tell us what churches to go to next, or where we can send our kids for school. The state is already controlling where we get our health insurance through Obamacare, and now it wants to tell us how to protect our homes. All in the guise of perfect worry and innocence. “Just looking out for ya, buddy!” If you live in LA, write your city councilman and demand to have this attack on our Constitution revoked.



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