Kim Jong Un Shows Progressives How To Win An Election

In North Korea everyone votes. They line up in orderly fashion and receive a ballot with a single name on it. Then they place the marked ballot into the box for the pre-approved candidate. Ballots not marked with the approved ‘choice’ are put in a separate box for later follow-up.

Voting for someone other than the candidate pre-approved by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is grounds for a charge of treason.

Not voting is grounds for a charge of treason.

Treason charges typically result in sentences in re-education camps similar to Hillary’s proposed “fun camps,” (only less fun). At officials’ discretion, treason charges, as with almost any criminal charges in that country may alternatively carry a death sentence instead.

Just think! With such a system in place the Democrats would always win and they wouldn’t have to waste time on their other typical ploys, such as rigged voting machines, lobbying to give illegal aliens the right to vote, or even voter fraud; no need for your supporters to vote for you twice. Bonus!

Source: Read more at Legal Insurrection



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