Kerry: US Will Take 100k Refugees Per Year by 2017, and Increasing Amounts Thereafter


100,000 migrants will be invited into the United States in 2017 according to Secretary of State John Kerry.  This is a much larger increase from the world cap of 70,000.

It apparently does not matter what the American citizens think, but only what is most expedient for the Obama agenda.

The announcement came as Mr. Kerry conferred here with German officials on the wave of migrants that has swamped Europe and met with Syrian refugees who are seeking asylum in Europe.

Under the new plan, the American limit on refugee visas would be increased to 85,000 in the fiscal year 2016. The cap would then rise to 100,000 the following year.

This admission of refugees ignores the needs of the American citizenry, who is still struggling with mass unemployment, with high taxes and a fear stimulated by the behavior scene at the boarders of other European nations.  American households will bear the bill of these immigrants.  Schooling, housing, feeding will all fall on the backs of the people.  An example of taxation without representation?

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