Kentucky Teachers Demand $3,200 from Every Household to Keep Pension Ponzi Afloat

Imagine you’re on a ship…let’s call it the…I dunno…Titanic.  That says “strength,” right?

So, you’re on the Titanic and suddenly, it strikes a…um…let’s say a…an iceberg, okay?

The Titanic you’re sailing on hits an iceberg and begins to sink.  You suddenly hear over the loudspeaker, “Attention, passengers.  This is your captain.  We have hit an iceberg and we are taking on water at an incredible rate and will most likely sink within the next two hours.  If all the passengers and crew would kindly make their way down below, into the hull near the bulkheads and begin bailing, it would be greatly appreciated.  If all goes well, we will most likely be able to resume our voyage across the vast, freezing Atlantic in a short while.  Thank you!”

Now, do those words (in any universe) sound feasible?  What I mean to say is, if the real Titanic was to have had all the members of its crew and passengers, right down to the captain himself, go down below to bail, might the ship have been saved?

Of course, the answer is, “Not a chance.”  Knowing the enormity of the problem (massive sinking ship in the middle of the Atlantic), no sane person would ever suggest the very stupid and irrelevant action of bailing out the ship.

Why then is the Kentucky state government suggesting that its taxpayers (passengers and crew) bail out the sinking Titanic (underfunded and overfed teachers pensions)?

Read on the next page how the state is asking its taxpayers to pick up a $3.2K per year, per household tab in order to shore up a lucrative teachers union Ponzi scheme that has nearly bankrupted the state!NEXT PAGE »



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