Kentucky Christian Clerk Released and The Gay Agenda End Game


The radical leftist gay agenda does have an “end game”.  They are halfway there.  Why was this semantics game–the word “marriage” so vital for the radicals to conquer when they had all the rights they sought in a “civil union”-–what is marriage and what does it connotate?  Its an institution, deemed by God, for the procreation of children, and the mutual respect, love and care of the partners, to care for each other and to responsibly raise their children, it is a vow/covenant– between the man the woman and God.

They want the “word” marriage because the next fight will be against the Churches who refuse to marry gays.  That’s the end game–again attacking Christians and those faiths who’s doctrines decree marriage is between one man and one woman, blessed by God.  The difference between a civil union and a marriage is God blesses one, the other is a legal function.

So Kim Davis did the only thing her faith and conscience could do.  And in America–America, she was locked up and held without bail.  Even hardened criminals get bail amounts.  Nope, not for this “crime”–for the radicalized left had joined years ago with Hollywood to make entertainment, TV shows and films that victimized gays, and made gay couples seem the “norm”.  It desensitized the issue making those hateful who oppose gay marriage, or worse just plain “homophobes”.

It made a great wave that confused what really constitutes marriage vs civil unions, and made it an emotional game to liken being against gay marriage as to being against blacks being free men.  It was “the next civil rights movement”– so if you were a “hater”, you also must be a red neck uneducated bumpkin, waiting to be “raptured” whilst you live in a Wyoming log cabin making beef jerky, from that deer you just skinned.  Yep, they were good at that game, so good if you identify as being a Christian now, its almost as if you get “that look”.

As for Kim Davis (who is a registered Democrat):

District Judge David Bunning ordered Davis released from US Marshals custody, after the same-sex couple that complained about being denied a marriage license reported they were able to obtain it from the deputy clerks.

“Defendant Davis shall not interfere in any way, directly or indirectly, with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legally eligible couples,” or she will face sanctions again, Bunning wrote in his order.

Davis’s case highlights the problem of enforcing a controversial decision by the federal government decision on the state level. Different US states have varying rules on the rights and duties of elected officials, including the accommodation of religious beliefs. While private employees can claim discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, mandating equal opportunity in employment, government officials such as Davis are often exempt from Title VII requirements.

The signs that this Country is so changed, Obama has changed the hearts and minds –of those who now view Christians as bigots and racists–basically haters.  One can relate to what those early Christians felt, when walking their way into the lion’s den.

This gay couple intentionally went to this Clerk’s office, see video.

Source: Russia Today

Source: CNN



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