Kanye West Gets Booed During Pro-Trump Political Speech on Saturday Night Live

Rapper Kanye West ended his last-minute appearance on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend with a pro-Donald Trump, anti-Democrat rant that drew jeers and boos from some audience members.

He began his speech after the standard credits with the cast and crew stand together onstage. Comedian and former SNL cast member Chris Rock captured the moment on his phone.

There was no way the cold open of Saturday Night Live’s 44th season premiere wouldn’t revolve around the Ford-Kavanaugh Senate hearing, even though the allegations of sexual assault central to it made for highly volatile terrain. With that in mind, the show couldn’t really be blamed for taking the easy route and simply playing up the absurdity of Kavanaugh’s testimony.

Matt Damon stepped into the role, playing Brett Kavanaugh as a coked-up frat-boy and the “loudest, drunkest virgin you’ve ever seen”.

It was an entertaining if not particularly memorable portrayal, though Damon did almost all of the heavy lifting save for a short turn from Kate McKinnon as an irate Lindsey Graham. Rachel Dratch’s cameo as Senator Amy Klobuchar seemed to serve little purpose.

The sketch hit all the expected targets – “boofing”, “Devil’s triangle”, Alyssa Milano’s random presence at the hearing – while avoiding the potentially triggering subject matter at heart. Again, it was hard to fault the show for not jumping head first into such dicey territory, but there was something off-putting about side-stepping the more disturbing aspects to this particular political sideshow, only for the sketch to conclude with Damon shotgunning a beer while yelling: “LIVE FROM NEW YORK!”

Source: The Guardian


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