Julianne Moore Wants To Regulate Gun Industry ‘Like Car Industry’

Julianne Moore Wants To Regulate Gun Industry ‘Like Car Industry’

Hollywood liberals never cease to amaze Americans with their often clueless support for un-Constitutional policies.

Even by the super left-wing standards of Hollywood, actress Julianne Moore has distinguished herself as as an advocate for progressive causes. A firm supporter of abortion and Barack Obama, she recently had a chance to push for a new liberal boondoggle with the president's wife.

Joining First Lady Michelle Obama at a conference, the Academy Award-nominated star professed her support for gun control. While this likely came as a surprise to very few, her way of explaining it provoked considerable controversy even in the mainstream media.

Like most celebrities who weigh in on constitutional law, Moore is ignorant or at best unfamiliar with the document she cites in order to advance her liberal agenda. I say this because if she were familiar with the Constitution, she would not have declared she, “want[s] to shape the gun industry like the car industry.”

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