Judicial Watch: ‘Obama’s Gang’ Behind ‘Illegal Leaks of Information’

Judicial Watch: ‘Obama’s Gang’ Behind ‘Illegal Leaks of Information’

When Donald Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, the media responded with indignation. They claimed that Trump had provided “no evidence” to corroborate his claim and attacked the president for his “irresponsible” allegations.

Such is a fairly standard reaction from the media. They claim nothing Trump says is true, and if it is, it's irrelevant, misleading, or beneath the office of the president.

But something is different about this case. While the media is busy calling Trump a liar, they seem to have forgotten that they were the ones to perpetuate the wiretapping rumors in the first place.

When National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was caught lying about his conversations with Russian officials, the media reported that the FBI uncovered the truth through wiretapped conversations held while Obama was still in office.

Now, Judicial Watch is investigating the matter to find out that's right: The media's story before Trump was involved, or the media's story after Trump picked up the allegations.

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