Judicial Watch Demands IRS Head Be Fired after IRS Scandal Records Go ‘Missing’

Judicial Watch Demands IRS Head Be Fired after IRS Scandal Records Go ‘Missing’

In what seems like an age ago, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) became embroiled in scandal when it came to light that conservative non-profit groups were being targeted for intensive scrutiny and denied a timely review of their requests for 501 c (4) status.

The abuses began in 2010 and were uncovered in May 2013. The focus was primarily on groups related to the Tea Party and tax reform movements. At the time, President Barack Obama expressed fake outrage and wound up doing nothing about. The Department of Justice opened a criminal inquiry that ended in 2015 with no charges being brought.

Lois Lerner, head of the Exempt Organizations unit for the IRS, was the primary focus of the inquiry because of her expressed policy of targeting tea party groups. She retired from the agency will full benefits.

It was left to watchdog groups like Judicial Watch to keep the pressure on the IRS to come clean on its illegal activities. For years, it has sought various IRS records, including Lerner’s emails.

A July 13 Inspector General report on IRS record maintenance brought to light new abuses that have led Judicial Watch to seek a new inquiry by the DOJ.

Learn the extent of the IRS’s cover-up and what appears to be the destruction of government records. The disturbing story continues on the next page.

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