Judge Strikes Down Obama’s Attempt To Conceal Fast and Furious Records Through Executive Privilege

Executive Privilege Claim Denied

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee, rejected the administrations request for executive privilege in the Fast and Furious case, but for a very odd reason.

“There is no need to balance the need against the impact that the revelation of any record could have on candor in future executive decision making, since any harm that might flow from the public revelation of the deliberations at issue here has already been self-inflicted,” Jackson wrote. “The Department itself has already publicly revealed the sum and substance of the very material it is now seeking to withhold. Since any harm that would flow from the disclosures sought here would be merely incremental, the records must be produced.”

Jackson said she wasn't questioning the propriety of Obama's claim of privilege, but ruling that the claim could not be sustained in view of other information the Justice Department had released on the topic, chiefly an Office of Inspector General report released in September 2012.

“This ruling is not predicated on a finding that the withholding was intended to cloak wrongdoing on the part of government officials or that the withholding itself was improper,” the judge wrote.

A Justice Department spokeswoman said solely that the agency was “reviewing the decision.”

It is clear that this rogue administration is determined to avoid responsibility for the deaths of countless Mexican and even U.S. citizens that came about through the reckless and illegal “fast and furious” program, and that the strategy now is to obfuscate and delay and deny evidence.

In the private sector this would engender an extra charge of obstruction of justice, but for this administration it is simply business as usual. The Obama imperial presidency seems never to have to answer for its actions, and there a numerous administration members who should be spending time in jail for their acts, instead they are off to lucrative, post-administration positions. Is there any wonder that this is the most cynical and corrupt administration of recent memory?

Source: politico.com




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