Judge Rules Against Trump’s Travel Ban, Trump Vows to See It Overturned

One of the well-established responsibilities of the president is to defend the nation. This can take many forms, but it certainly ought to include banning people from entering the country who present a danger. President Trump just ran into a roadblock in his attempt to do that.

The president's temporary ban on travel to the US from seven nations that harbor or support terrorists, or are experiencing unrest from terrorists groups themselves, has been blocked by a federal judge.

Federal Judge James Robart, appointed by former President George W. Bush and approved by a 99-0 Senate vote in 2004, issued an immediate nationwide restraining order against Trump’s action, which had cut off citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S.

Civil liberties groups applauded the ruling, but Trump vowed it would be overturned.

President Trump attacked the ruling in his own, straightforward way.

The issue of alleged discrimination against Muslims was raised by some critics, however that's not a particularly strong argument since the vast population of Muslims in the world are not affected by this ban, just ones from nations likely see terrorists travel to the US. While these seven nations are largely Muslim nations, they are far from all Muslim countries, and the ban does not include some of the nations with the largest Muslim populations.

Mr. Trump made his point on Twitter.

President Trump has vowed that he will see the judge's order overturned in the courts. No doubt he is already working toward that goal.

Check out what this ‘so-called' judge said about the police union:

Federal Judge Accuses Police Union Of Killing Black People, Proclaims ‘Black Lives Matter’

Seattle, Washington – U.S. District Judge James Robart on Monday expressed a strong anti-police bias when dealing with a case involving Seattle police union’s contract negotiations. Judge Robart went on a rant about deadly force statistics against black people and proclaimed, “Black Lives Matter.”

Judge Robart is presiding over a 2012 consent decree requiring the city to adopt reforms to address Department of Justice allegations of biased policing and excessive force. The proposed changes will have a major effect on all union members, including discipline being investigated and determined by non-law enforcement investigators. The changes make it faster and easier to discipline an officer if the public believes that the officer was wrong, whether or not that was actually the case.

Despite some of the proposed reforms seeming outlandish, the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild has been mostly going along with the process without much pushback. However, the guild recently voted to reject the most recent proposed contract after they were upset that the negotiation deals were leaked to the media and Black Lives Matter groups.

The vote resulted in Judge Robart threatening to intervene if he determined that the guild was interfering with any proposed process that was under the blanket of “police reform.” Which basically gives the city a go-ahead to implement any changes they want to the disciplinary process, with the union having no say.

During Judge Robart’s self-righteous rant, he stated, “I’m sure the entire city of Seattle would march behind me.”

Source: The Hill, Blue Lives Matter



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