Judge Who Pronouced Justice Scalia Dead over the Phone Refuses to Talk to Reporters

Judge Cindrela Guevara, the woman who declared Justice Antonin Scalia dead over the phone, was unable to answer Info War's reporter, David Knight's, questions.  She told him that she had already given her statement to the local press, so go ask them questions.

“I've given a statement to the Big Bend Sentinel, You'll have to go to them. They have my official statement.” responded the judge.

“So they're your spokesman?  Because this is a story of national importance…”

Interrupting, Guevara replies, “As you can see, I'm busy right now. So if you'd like to get that…”

Knight continued, “… Because this is a story of national importance and a lot of people are concerned that procedures were not followed and they want to know who was making that decision.  Was that something the sheriff was doing or something the Federal Marshall's were doing, or something you were doing?”

“Procedure was followed. And they have my statement,” Guevara sputtered as she pointed out the window and turned her back on Knight.  He left the chambers saying, “Okay. Thank you.”

Turning to the camera, Knight continued, “She doesn't want to talk about what happened here and we understand why.  Usual procedure – you've got a judge who over the phone pronounced the Supreme Court Justice dead.  We don't need to see anything, it's all done.  You had two judges who passed this on because they could not physically go  She does not think it important enough to go.  She says we can talk to the local paper.  I don't know if its a livestock paper, or what it is, to get her statement.  She's given them a statement.  She's not going to talk to anyone else except the local paper. I wonder what their relationship is.  She doesn't have a relationship with us.  She doesn't want us to ask her our questions.  that what this is all about.”

This judge, if she had nothing to hide, would have no reason to not answer questions.  Had she followed procedure, done her due diligence, then she could sleep with a clear conscious and not fear in depth questioning.  But she screwed up and appears may have covered up, something far more malicious.

Source: David Knight



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