Judge Pirro Utterly Destroys Obama on Dangerous Action Regarding Syria

Judge Pirro Utterly Destroys Obama on Dangerous Action Regarding Syria

Judge Jeanne Pirro lambasted Obama in her opening to her program this last Saturday.  Pirro, the former District Attorney of New York, went point by point calling Obama out on his new foreign policy in Syria.  The White House announced last week it would be sending in Special Operators (Special Ops) into Syria to train and back up the free Syrian Army.  This, coming on the heels of Putin putting Russian boots on the ground and in the air to keep their ally Assad in power in Syria.

The US has admitted to spending $100 million on five Syrian warlords.  The warlords were to utilize the money to fund men and arms to fight to overthrow Assad.  Reports have stated that most of those warlords left the battlefield.  Rumors have some of that money falling into the hands of Al-Queda.

With 300,000 dead in Syria, and most of the Christian population either dead or in flight, the US's foreign policy has utterly failed.  Russia has soundly made its position in Syria clear-they are there to save Assad.  The battlefield is clustered with ISIS, Assad's forces, free Syrian Army, and different smaller Islamic jihadists.

Obama is being reckless, so reckless with no real plan in Syria.  Russia and Putin are on a mission, and the very real possibility American forces will come in contact with Russian forces, or a Russian missile, is extremely high. Russia is allies with Iran and Syria, and would be happy to demonize America as the occupier.

This could be the fuse that ignites a World War.

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