Joy Behar Calls Bill Clinton Rape Victims “Tramps”

Considering how Hillary Clinton might responded to the presence of the women, Behar joked – if you can call it that – that she should have said “I would like to apologize to those tramps that have slept with my husband.” While the audience guffawed at the host’s disgusting remark, observers on social media didn’t seem to find it as funny as Behar and the show’s fans did:

“Following the comments, a number of people blasted Joy on social media.

‘Joy you are disgusting calling rape victims tramps on Television. People like you are responsible for rape culture,’ one fumed.

Another called for her to be fired, sharing: ‘Demand @ABCNetwork and @THeView fofire Joy Behar for calling Bill Clinton’s sexual assualt victims tramps!’

So Joy Behar thinks sexual assault victims are Tramps. Must be nice to belittle whoever you want on @TheView

— BucketOfLosers (@parko160) October 11, 2016

‘On The View today Joy Behar referred to Bill Clinton’s victims as ‘tramps’ – shame on you Joy – shame on you.'”

See the video for yourself:

After considerable backlash, Behar apologized:

Source: The Gateway Pundit



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