Journalist Interrogated, Fired for Revealing West’s Arms Shipments to Terror Groups in Syria


Dilyana Gaytandzhieva broke her story in the Trud newspaper based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It revealed the official Azerbaijan airline, Silk Way Airlines, was carrying tons of weaponry to such locales as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey under diplomatic cover as part of the CIA covert program to supply anti-Assad rebels in Syria.

This program, a pet project of Senator John McCain, turned into a bloody fiasco as the arms more often than not wound up in the hands of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

The Trud report was the first to accurately document the exact logistical trail of the weapons as they flowed from their country of origin into the battlefields in Iraq and Syria.

Gaytandzhieva journeyed to Aleppo in Syria to examine and film labeled weapon shipping containers in underground jihadist storehouses that one former spy and British diplomat described as a “jihadi Wal-Mart.”

Part of the expose included leaked internal Bulgarian government documents, which showed coordination between the government and the Azerbaijan embassy in Sofia related to the “off the books” weapons transport service.

This revelation prompted Bulgarian authorities to interrogate her to try and find out her sources. They then got her fired from the newspaper and have pressured the paper to remove her story from its website.

She revealed her dismissal in a tweet on August 24.

I've just got fired for telling the truth about weapons supplies for #terrorists in #Syria on diplomatic flights …

Among her more explosive findings was that private American companies had contracted with the US government to help train and equip militants in Syria.

An American group called Purple Shovel received two no-bid contracts worth $50 million as part of the CIA program in Syria.

One leaked memo includes a cargo manifest for multiple tons of anti-tank grenades purchased in Bulgaria by Purple Shovel which were ostensibly designated for the official consignee – the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan – but which never made it to Azerbaijan.”

That cargo was unloaded in Turkey at the Incirlik air base, which serves as one of the US and NATO’s principal command centers for the covert program in Syria.

For her courage and relentless pursuit of the truth, Gaytandshieva’s reward was to be mistreated by her government and to lose her job. She should be celebrated by journalists worldwide as a shining example of what journalism is really meant to do.

The Al Jazerra network has taken up her cause and provided her a platform to tell her story to the world. Even though President Trump has ordered the suspension of the CIA arms program, she claims the Silk Way Airlines shipments are still going on.

In a phone interview, she revealed the following;

Saudi Arabia, UAE and the US must stop using the cover of Silk Way Airlines diplomatic flights to supply Eastern European weapons which end up in the hands of terrorists around the world. Diplomatic flights are exempt from checks and inspection.”

Whether the CIA has actually stopped its activity remains to be seen. Historically, the agency has farmed out clandestine activities to outside groups in order to create “plausible deniability.”

Gaytandzhieva seems likely to continue to pursue the story and find outlets for it.

So far, her American brethren have ignored the story and her plight. No doubt, it’s because they’ve abandoned any pretense of pursuing the truth in order to advance their particular partisan agendas and placate the Deep State.

Source: ZeroHedge





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