Jones: George Bush Canceled the X-Files In 2002 Because of 9/11 Conspiracies

Mulder and Scully, the two agents and stars of the revival television series, the X-Files, are touching on a new spectrum of conspiracy theories like the war in the Middle East, NSA spying, chem-trails, police militarization, supposed FEMA prison camps, and the eventual military ‘takeover of America’ by a UN-like group of ‘multinational elites, but why when all of these theories began was the X-Files not around to expose this corruption?

Perhaps, the show was targeted in another conspiracy to do just the opposite of that, and stay quiet.

Infowars touches on the subject in the video below regarding the Bush administration and its ties to the X-Files cancellation following the 9/11 attacks. Even one of the main characters, Julian Anderson, gave up a reason for the cancellation. Anderson said, ¨after 9/11 it no longer became okay to accuse the government of being deceitful or untrustworthy and that was the back bone of our show and we couldn’t continue.”


Source: Infowars

Source: ActivistPost




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