Joint FBI-US Attorney Investigation of Clinton Foundation Begins

According to sources, after news broke of the scandal, the company LaFargeHolcim actually launched an investigation into their own finances. That's like asking a thief to investigate his own robbery. Then another investigation was performed by the French daily paper Le Monde, and this uncovered some interesting things.

Le Monde revealed in June that the corporation, the world’s leader in construction materials, had paid taxes to Isis middlemen, as well as other armed groups in Syria, to protect its cement business operations in the country.

But the Le Monde story only covered a fraction of the revelations. Previous investigations by Zaman al-Wasl, an independent news outlet run by elements of the Syrian opposition, revealed that Lafarge had even regularly bought oil from Isis.

Al-Wasl’s original investigation, which Le Monde appears to have borrowed from considerably, was published in February, and based on internal documents and emails from the company. Al-Wasl reported that the CEO of Lafarge Cement Syria, Frederic Jolibois, had personally instructed his firm to make payments to Isis.

“Lafarge participated in the 2014 conference of the Clinton Global Initiative as one of many other participants. The participation was in the context of an affordable housing commitment (10,000 microcredits). This commitment was achieved and the partnership was not renewed,” LaFargeHolcim told Breitbart News.

“Hillary Clinton was on the Board of Directors of Lafarge North America for a short time (1990 – 1992) and left it almost 25 years ago,” the company stated.


During a September 23, 2014 press release, it was made very clear that “LaFarge was very excited to be joining the Clinton Group.” As it turns out, LaFarge, with help from the Clinton Group had been creating lines of microcredit for participants in third world countries. It didn't last long, which means what they were actually doing is probably far more sinister. In fact, during a similar investigation of the same partnership back in the '90s, the Justice Department was told to stop investigating by the intelligence community. Smells like corruption.




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