John McCain Denounces President Trump Abroad

John McCain Denounces President Trump Abroad

Among the vicious and petty figures who make up the anti-Trump movement, few are as invidious in their criticism of the president as Arizona senator and establishment favorite John McCain.

From the earliest days of the 2016 election cycle, McCain left little room for speculation as to where he stood on the real estate tycoon-turned-insurgent candidate. An ardent supporter of the same failed policies of the past few decades, the senator undoubtedly preferred RINO candidates like Jeb Bush and John Kasich to a dyed in the wool conservative like Donald Trump.

When Trump beat the odds, however, and won the GOP nomination fair and square, McCain reluctantly endorsed him but pounced upon the opportunity to retract said endorsement when the media manufactured a scandal over decade-old comments the candidate made in private to Billy Bush. And since his inauguration, McCain has remained steadfast in his attacks on the president.

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