John Kerry To Iran: The Sailor Capture Could Turned Into A ‘Good Story’

John Kerry To Iran: The Sailor Capture Could Turned Into A ‘Good Story’

To the Obama administration, everything is political. Posturing serves as substance, and the optics of a situation are foremost in every event. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry recently concluded an agreement with Iran that ensures they will have free reign to develop nuclear weapons without the awkward intrusiveness of U.N. or U.S. inspections, and that they will also receive a cache of $150 billion that was held up as a sanction against, among other things, their attempts to build nuclear weapons!

The horrendous deal, generally recognized as a huge giveaway to the Iranians for exactly nothing in return, has made Kerry look like a totally ineffective, easily fooled ignoramus, so he is anxious to try and salvage his tattered image.

That leads to his latest response when two U.S. navy patrol boats, on a routine transit mission between Kuwait and Bahrein, broke down and were “captured” by the Iranian coast guard. In another time, when America was seen as a fearsome super power with the might and will to exact serious punishment for such an interdiction, the question of whether the sailors would be released, or even captured, would have been moot.

However, Obama and company have been very active in diminishing the stature and respect this nation has in the world arena, and so Kerry was called on to negotiate the release of the servicemen, with Iran making sure that the world knew they had the upper hand and would control the ultimate outcome.

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