Joe Rogan Slams Vaccine Passports as “One Step Closer To Dictatorship”

Joe Rogan, 53, certainly drew ire of the establishment during a Friday episode of his podcast, where he railed against vaccine passports as “one step closer to dictatorship,” and even suggested that the vaccine may cause vax-resistant SARS-CoV-2 mutations.

Now you have a mini dictator. You have one step away from a king. One step closer. You’re moving one step closer to dictatorship. That’s what the f**k is happening. That’s what’s going to happen with the vaccine passport. That’s what’s going to happen if they close borders. You can’t enter New York City unless you have your papers! You can’t go here unless you have that! You can’t get on a plane unless you do what I say.

Source: ZeroHedge


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