Joe Biden: Maximum Creep Factor

Joe Biden: Maximum Creep Factor

The Internet is full of some pretty great things. You can watch everything from adorable puppy videos to people doing some monumentally stupid things. Okay, so not everything on the Internet is great, but do you know what is? In the player on the next page, you can watch a greatest hits compilation of Joe Biden’s creepiest moments. I know what you’re thinking, “Everything Joe Biden does is creepy.” Yes, but when you put those creepy things to creepy music, you create the creepiest compilation of all time.

Yet, you’ll want to watch it over and over again.

Then again, you don’t really need a compilation video to know how creepy Joe Biden is. Just about every time he appears at a press conference and he’s in the presence of a female, he does his signature move, which involves making them uncomfortable while he holds them awkwardly and then kisses the side of their heads. And age and marital status do little to deter him.

The Biden Bear Trap, that’s what it should be called. And nobody is safe from it, including Hillary Clinton.

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