Jindal Calls Trump a Narcissist Who Lacks Intellectual Curiosity, Trump Responds

In his speech, Jindal (R-LA) went on to point out all of Trump's flaws, calling him a narcissist and taking shots at his intellect.

Jindal said, “Donald Trump is not a serious candidate. He’s a narcissist. He’s an egomaniac. The only thing he believes in is himself. The reality is I want to say what everybody is thinking about Donald Trump, but is afraid to say.”

He continued, “Here is the truth about Donald Trump. Donald Trump is shallow. He has no understanding of policy. He is full of bluster. He has no substance.

While some of what he says about Trump might be true, it's difficult to deny the fact that Trump does have many traits that would be nice to see in our future president. And with the threat of Hillary Clinton looming in the distance, can republicans really afford to be waring with each other?

Source: breitbart.com





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