Jim Carrey: President Trump “is Expected to EAT A BABY on Stage to the Delight of His Zombie Base”

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey took to Twitter yesterday to align President Trump with the performance of satanic rituals.

When Kathy Griffin held up the severed bloody head of President Trump, liberals bristled at the concerns raised by parents that the far-left was encouraging sadistic murder rituals. They said don’t be worried it’s just menopausal feminist humor. But, grotesque satanic murder rituals involving the President and innocent children are now seen to be a staple among liberal comedians.

Carrey, however, took things one step further with his shocking statement that he wouldn’t be surprised if President Trump would murder and cannibalize a baby on stage if the audience (Trump supporters) handed him one chanting kill. Obviously, this is an attempt to associate the worst possible imagery with our President.

Sacrificing babies has a long history synonymous with satanic rituals. To align President Trump or any of his supporters of such behavior is beyond appalling. You don’t joke about sacrificing babies. You don’t joke about the President of the U.S. eating a dead baby. He was clearly stating the President and all his supporters are no better than savage heathen cannibals under the guise of Griffin style comedy.

Source: Breitbart




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