It’s A Jihadist Recruiting Bonanza In Germany

Breitbart reports:

Intelligence services in Germany noted radical Muslims approached migrants using fake charities. According to Germany’s federal quota system, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia are the two states receiving most asylum seekers, with 21 per cent and 15 per cent respectively. This year, 800,000 asylum applications are expected in Germany as a whole, four times more than last year.

The extremist Salafist sect is a minority group in global Islam but wields disproportionate influence and has been the source of major violence in European countries like Germany.

The group rejects all man-made laws and the authority of national governments, recognising only the will of Allah. Salafi Islam is believed to be the fastest growing group of radical Muslims. Source: Breitbart


Breitbart London reported on the deployment of 1,300 police in Frankfurt over three nights in October after Salafist Muslims took to the streets armed with kebab skewers, machetes, and iron bars to brawl with Yazidi Kurds. Yes, Muslims and Kurds fighting in the streets of Germany. Gotta love those migrants.

Germany’s former Federal Minister of the Interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, noted to  Passauer Neue Presse that Merkel’s decision to allow uncontrolled and unregistered migration from Hungary is “an unprecedented political blunder” that will have “devastating long-term consequences.”

Germany has “lost contol” Friedrich said. he went on: It is “totally irresponsible to allow thousands to enter the country “uncontrolled and unregistered” preventing any sort of reliable assessment as to “how many of them are IS fighters or Islamist sleepers.”





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