Jesse Jackson: AK-47s ‘Can Bring Down Airplanes’ in Texas

It's funny how activists are going after guns, even though the shooter was a black man. All of these layers of contradictions are enough to make your head spin.

Guest-host Shannon Bream countered Jackson, pointing out that the phrase “military-style weapons” conjures up the image of the machine guns in the minds of listeners. She said it is “important to make a distinction” between gun types, particularly in light of the fact that the Dallas gunman used a semiautomatic rifle, not an automatic one.

Jackson then attempted to counter Bream’s point, saying, “Yes, but in Texas these militarized AK-47s, not only can they shoot up theaters and churches, they can bring down airplanes.”

Jackson believes that less guns means more safety. He even went on to brag about Chicago's ban on “assault weapons”. Yet, earlier this year, statistics were released revealing that Chicago has more homicides than Los Angeles and New York combined. Clearly it's working, and the criminals are obeying the law . . . not.




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