Jeb Bush: NSA Needs Broader Powers to Combat ‘Evildoers’

Jeb Bush: NSA Needs Broader Powers to Combat ‘Evildoers’

In a quest to locate as many “evildoers” as possible,  Jeb Bush has been making statements that point to a “rougher” and “tougher” plan in regards to surveillance of Americans.  Bush spoke of a broader spectrum of surveillance powers, and to have bigger cooperation with the technology community in accomplishing these surveillance plans.  Bush speaking in South Carolina, made waves with the Republican Congressional leaders who earlier this year voted to end the bulk collection of phone records by the National Security Agency.

Bush also made reference to the Patriot Act, and how the current regulations need to be “re-visited”.  Just how far is the former Governor willing to go with upping the powers the Government has over our privacy?

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