Jeb Bush: I Hated Being The Front Runner, “I Feel Much Better Back Here”

A new more polite Jeb emerged and voila! Jeb! was born.

This new Jeb, aptly named Jeb! on his signs to convey liveliness, could not wait to run for President. It was his turn.

President Obama has messed up so bad that Jeb! would be able to show how reasonable Republicans not caught up in all that right-wing stuff could steer America back to calmer waters. He even told us so in Spanish.

Then, the Donald showed up. Now, Jeb! constantly declares he is okay with losing to Donald Trump but you could see it in his face at the third Republican debate that Jeb! feels cheated. His tight jaw and bewildered manner betray his feelings that hr should not have to fight with this orange maned carnival barker.

So now we are here, the place where Jeb! makes the case for losing.

From Breitbart:

Host John Dickerson said, “Six months ago, people thought you were the front-runner–”

Bush said, “I hated that.”

Dickerson asked, “You hated being the front-runner?”

Bush said, “I feel much better back here.”

Jeb! goes on to explain that because he comes from a dynasty of Presidents, he feels he must “earn it.” Meaning momentum… the thing he lost… to Trump.

Perhaps Jeb! feels much better in the back but the United States citizens have grown weary of leadership from behind.

Source: Breitbart


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