Jeb Bush Fights His Fourth, Still Far Behind Cruz and Trump

The battle for third rages on amongst the Republican Party’s establishment candidates, and according to new tracking poll info from Reuters, the establishment has a new frontrunner, Jeb Bush.

The term “new” is obviously relative.  Last year, after months of very successful fundraising, Jeb Bush entered the race and was at one point considered by many the presumptive nominee.

Well, boy have times changed. The race was instantly thrown into chaos with the entrance of Donald Trump, and every single establishment fell into the single digits as a result.

Ever since, third place seems to be the highest the establishment can hope for, and they’ve slung mud primarily toward each other to claim that position.

While Jeb may finally lay claim to the head of the Establishment once again, one has to wonder what good it is to come in third in a race in which only first matters. Nonetheless, at this time, Jeb can confidently say he’s in first place among the losers.

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