Jeb Bush: We Should Be “Dramatically Expanding Immigrants That Are Coming To Work”

GOP Pol Lies About Immigration

The other fairy-tale that many GOP politicians lie about is they will enforce the immigration laws and build a wall or some other truly effective barrier so that we can actually stop the tide of illegal immigration. The American people, both Democrat and Republican, have clearly indicated that they want the flow of illegal immigration stopped and the laws enforced. So savvy politicians will give a nod to that desire, and then talk about what we can do to help “bring the illegals out of the shadows,” and “fix our broken immigration system.”

They are out of the shadows!

They can now get drivers licenses, and they are over 75% of the population in some cities. And the wall or enforcement of the laws never actually happens.

Jeb Bush is one of the main violators, and in a speech he recently gave, it was clear that what he really wants is business as usual and to keep the pipeline of illegals coming to satisfy businesses that want cheap labor.

In a speech to the Detroit Economic Club on Wednesday, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush made his case for immigration reform. Bush said this should be an economic issue and not a political one. Bush said securing the border “ought to be the highest priority” and that the president shouldn't use his executive authority to go beyond his constitutional powers.

Bush also said the U.S. could create high sustained economic growth through “dramatically expanding immigrants that are coming to work” with a guest worker program to deal in the areas where there are work shortages.

“So once we got that done, then it seems to me that we ought to say how do we be strategic about this and how do we create high sustained economic growth? And that's to shift away from family reunification being almost the sole driver of legal immigration to narrowing that to what every other country has, spouse and minor children, and dramatically expanding immigrants that are coming to work. A guest worker program to deal in the areas where there are shortages,” Bush said on Wednesday.

Bush warned about an impending population crisis in the U.S., saying “if we do nothing of it will end up becoming a significant problem.” Bush suggested embracing immigrants to the U.S. will help solve the problem.

“Family formation rates in this country are at an all time low,” Bush said. “And birth rates are below break-even. There are more single women than married women in this country for the first time in our history. Our demography could be huge strength for high sustained economic growth, or if we do nothing of it will end up becoming a significant problem. It may not be as bad as Japan or as Europe as a significant problem.

The labor participation rate, that is, the number of workers who are not employed but who would like a job, is worse than it has ever been. Almost 100 million people in this country are not in the labor force, and in many, many cases it is because they have given up looking for a job because one was not available. Those people are NOT counted on the unemployment rolls, because they have been unemployed for so long.

There are hundreds of thousands of college graduates living with their parents and working dead-end jobs at coffee shops and in restaurants because the economy has still not recovered under Obama and decent opportunities are not available. The last thing we should be doing is inviting hordes of cheap labor in to distort the employment market.

The other outcome of unlimited immigration will be that Democrats will demand that the immigrants, newly emerged from the “shadows,” be given the right to vote. It is understandable that the left would want to pad their numbers with new immigrants who will vote reliably for Democrats in appreciate for the many goodies that they are getting. But it is completely absolutely insane that Republicans would want to open up the floodgates since that will be the death knell for the party.

But politicians like Jeb Bush are short term thinkers. They only strategize as far as the next election, and they know that if they support endless streams of cheap immigrant labor, business will shovel loads of cash their way to help with their election efforts. There is a reason that Jeb is not doing well in the polls. It is because he is more transparent with his desire to bring floods of low cost labor into the country. Unfortunately, his fellow Republicans may not be far behind. It is a clear indication that they are not listening to those that they are supposed to represent, and not interested in the plight of the citizen who is impacted by the flood of immigrants who are coming and who are here already.




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