Japanese Company Invests $50 Billion to Create 50,000 Jobs in America

If Trump’s history of momentum in business is any indication of what America’s future is going to look like, it’s very much possible that the failing American economy could see recesitation. His meeting with Masayoshi Son is only the first of many good things to come.

In a video posted by ABC News, Trump and Son emerged in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York to tout the new agreement.

“This is Masayoshi Son of SoftBank from Japan,” Trump said, “and he’s just agreed to invest fifty billion dollars in the United States and 50,000 jobs. And he’s one of the great men of industry so I just want to thank you,” he said as he shook Mr. Son’s hand.

The announcement comes only a week after the President-elect unveiled a plan to save the jobs of some 1,000 Carrier and UT Corp. employees in Indiana.

SoftBank recently launched a $100 billion tech investment effort. The concern was initiated with up to $25 billion in funding from Saudi Arabia.

Strange how the media is concerned with money from Saudi Arabia now that it’s coming from somebody associated with Trump. Never mind the fact that Hillary received a good portion of her campaign funding the very same place. God bless America. God bless Trump. It’s time that Americans saw an end to crooked politics and hypocrisy.

Source: breitbart.com




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