Japan Looks to Evacuate 60,000 Citizens from South Korea

Japan Looks to Evacuate 60,000 Citizens from South Korea

As the tensions mount on the Korean peninsula, the intense focus on the heated rhetoric between the United States and North Korea overlooks a very important consideration.

In the decades since hostilities between North Korea and South Korea erupted in the late 1940’s, South Korea has become an economic powerhouse and majoring trading partner for many countries throughout the world.

Its leadership in automobile manufacturing, electronics and shipbuilding has drawn citizens from many countries to work and live there, as well as foreign business people and tourists to visit.

In addition, the United States has 38,000 troops stationed there, which adds another significant foreign population to the South Korean mix.

However, one country in particular has a critical interest in what could happen to its citizens in South Korea in the event that military conflict of one type or another happens. On the next page, learn more about this country’s plans on how to deal with the protection of its citizens and the possible steps already underway.

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