Ivy League Professor: Dr. Carson Should Get “Coon of the Year Award”

Her inflammatory tweet: Brain-Surgeon Ben Carson Deserves ‘Coon of the Year’ Award.

That says it all. It does not matter that she is black, or a woman, or a professor, she should be fired…now! The reputation of the university suffers for emotional outbursts such as this. The same standard for racism and bias applies universally. She does not get a pass due to skin pigmentation.

Yes, Anthea Butler tweeted: Dr. Ben Carson deserves a “‘coon of the year’ award,” She should know better. Anthea Butler, a University of Pennsylvania religious-studies professor and a frequent MSNBC guest. So, ethics, thought and consideration should play a major role in her career. However, she drops into the category of other grand poohbahs of MSNBC like Al Sharpton.

Butler’s revealing invective was in response to a tweet from Daily Beast editor-at-large Goldie Taylor. That tweet highlighted a Sports Illustrated article in which Carson championed Americans’ right to fly flags — including the Confederate flag — that other Americans see as a symbol of hate.

Bulter, whose Twitter account is locked, apparently deleted the tweet attacking Dr. Carson. But not before someone captured a screen grab of it.

Source: Breitbart

Thank you, Twitter for monitoring such things.

The Urban Dictionary website defines “coon” as a “Insulting term for a black person.” The site treats the insult as similar to other words that are rarely published outside rap lyrics.

Prof. Justin McDaniel, coward and chairman of the University of Pennsylvania’s religious-studies program, did not respond to Butler’s tweet but said she is a “valued colleague and faculty member.”

Seriously? If she does this and the drop of a hat, and over the concocted Confederate flag outrage, and over a highly respected Black man, what else has she been fomenting at UPenn?
As for Dr. Carson, his spokeswoman, Deana Bass, told the Washington Examiner that Butler’s tweet “does not merit a response.”

At least Dr. Carson has some propriety and class.




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