Israel Preparing Troops For Incursion Into Syria? Or Leaking Misinformation To Confuse Iran/ISIS?

Israel, preparing to be drawn into the Syrian conflict by various terrorists organizations:

The Northern Command estimates that despite the relative quiet on the Golan Heights, strategists suggest it is quite possible an errant jihadist organization pushed into a corner by Assad’s army, or by competing organizations, could try to carry out an attack in Israel in order to draw it over the border, into Syria’s civil war.

In light of this concern, the main jihadist organization in the Syrian Golan, Nusra Front, who hitherto has not fired a single shot toward Israel, may try to do so in the future.

Concerning the Islamic State, they are still relatively far from Israel.  They have been occupying northern and eastern Syria, but now are moving to the south,  70 kilometers from Israel in the Druze mountains.

The area represents one of the Assad regime’s last two remaining enclaves in the Syrian Golan. According to the IDF, Hezbollah and Iran took advantage of this in order to draft four of the Assad supporters, supplying them with explosive projectiles and sending them to the Israeli border.

The above reports are all coming out of Israel—are they misinformation?  Is Israel, wanting to confuse ISIS and other groups, along with Iran, that want to see Israel “off the map”, leaking stories with half truths?”  Many have commented that “leaking” information to the media by Israel, especially about these four Assad supporters may be misinformation, all to justify the Israelis crossing over through the Golan Heights which borders Syria.  Israel is feeling very isolated, since Obama’s policies and this Iranian Nuclear Deal leave Israel needing to position itself for any possible outcomes of aggression from a ISIS-Iranian Coalition– who’s goal is the annihilation of Israel.

One can’t blame Israel for leaking misinformation, keeping Iran and ISIS guessing.  We do not know what is fact and what is misinformation, we do know Israel has a right to defend itself.  And we do know Israel has forces sitting along that border, where the Golan Heights meet Syria.  Israel is vulnerable thanks to Obama’s clear contempt for supporting Israel, giving Iran carte blanc to create nuclear weapons.  What would the Middle East look like for America without Israel?


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