Islamic Preacher Attacks Urinals

Abdulghani Albaf, a fundamentalist and “fiery” Islamic preacher from Sydney has denounced Muslim men who use public urinals, stating that Allah will punish those who urinate in front of one another. Apparently, people like to show their junk off to each other in bathrooms.

A fiery Islamist preacher in Sydney has denounced Muslim men who use public urinals in a sermon about death.

Fundamentalist Abdulghani Albaf said people who refused to follow Allah would be punished in the grave for indiscretions, like spreading ‘evil rumours' and exposing themselves at a public urinal.

‘There are two mentionings, one that mentions when they would urinate that they would do so without, in public, without concealing, hiding themselves or hiding their private parts,' he thundered at the end of his 48-minute, Friday night sermon.

‘How often do we see this today? Every public, every male public toilet now has urinals where they just stand up like animals and urinate in front of one another.

‘What's worse is we even have Muslims using these urinals.'

The Islamic teacher's denunciation was delivered in a men's and boy's-only prayer room above the Bukhari House Islamic Bookstore at Auburn, in Sydney's west.

Well, Nike and Adidas have made Islamic swimwear, maybe they'll make Islamic catheters next. That way you won't have to worry about urinating in front of other people and being punished by Allah.


Another very popular Muslim cleric has a dire warning for men: you can produce “hand babies” in the afterlife if you masturbate.

To hear this urgent message, and possibly avoid having babies waiting for you after you die, move on to the next page:

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