ISIS On Verge of Defeat by Russia?

General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said: “Sukhoi Su-24M bombers delivered pinpoint strikes against terrorist targets near the city of Aleppo.

“They took out workshops used by the militant terrorist group to arm vehicles with explosives, which are used in suicide bomb attacks.”

The bad news is that it is the Russians, not the Americans that are making these inroads.

And an attack by Su-25SM ground-support aircraft near Huraytan destroyed ISIS arms depots and fuel supplies.
The same planes were reportedly used to obliterate a terrorist training center in the Idlib province.

Adding insult to injury, Putin laughed at US official, saying they have “mush for brains” after they refused hand over intelligence about ISIS targets. The chief mush, Obama, doesn’t much care.

Putin accused: “We asked on the military level to give us the targets which they consider to be the terrorist ones for sure, 100 per cent. But the answer was: ‘No, we are not ready to do that’.

“Then we thought and asked another question: ‘Then could you tell us where we should not hit?’ Again, no answer. So, what should we do?”

Source: UK Express

Putin has also conscripted 150,000 troops to carry out a ground attack.

Russia did what it must do, and they attacked aggressively. And then our media accused them of targeting only our own trained insurgent forces Washington and its allies have suggested Russia is seeking to save and secure Bashar al-Assad’s regime rather than destroy ISIS. It would seem Russia is big enough to handle both assignments.
Putin boasts that his country wants to “contribute to the fight against terrorism” which threatens “the whole world”.





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